How It Looks Should Matter

Not all things in life should be judged by how they look. In the event that they are, it shouldn’t be the only thing that you judge something on. When we are talking about the world of the internet though, it matters. Imagine that you are pulling up a website to buy something. When the page appears it has blurry pictures, spelling mistakes all over, and poorly designed company logos. What would you think? Would you feel comfortable purchasing something from this website? 

There are a number of things that you can tell about a website just by looking at it. Graphic Design has come a long way in a short time. It used to be the type of software that only professionals had access to use. Nowadays, anyone can get their hands on a graphic design software, and they can do it relatively cheaply. If you have a knack for this sort of thing then you can add some high quality artwork, logos, and photos to your website. If it’s not quite your cup of tea then there are numerous professionals out there that can help you for the right price.

One thing you can tell by a website when it has poor quality images is that it has been neglected. Whether it is because of lack of funds, awareness, or concern, any of these reasons can say “buyer beware”. If you can see typos and grammar errors all over the page then this could be another sign that this may not be the best site to purchase things from. Just like Graphic Design software, spellcheck is widely available on almost any type of device that you can type a message into. Grammar check software is also widely available. These types of errors can still happen, but when there are too many errors it just shows a lack of effort and concern on the part of the website. 

These things are not only important to you as a customer, but if you are an owner of a business then chances are you have some kind of website. These types of errors could really hurt your chances with customers. I think we all know one person that feels like they have to “do it all”. It could be that they like the challenge, or maybe they just don’t trust others to do it, but whatever the reason they need to go to the professionals. You always want to have someone who is looking in from the outside check your site so you can make sure that everything is up to par. 

If you have any questions or maybe have had some issues like this before and would like to make sure your web page is the best it can be then please contact us here at T22 Media. We can do a free assessment to see what your website might need in order to get you on track.