Improve Your Company Image. Literally.

In any good piece of media or literature there is often room to improve its quality with an image. Yes, that’s right. An image can add a layer of depth and understanding that wasn’t previously possible with just words. It can help bridge the understanding of the reader and create connections where there previously were none. Another bonus is that images can also help your SEO optimization as well.

There are numerous ways that you can use images in your content. You can use it as an informational addition. You can use it as an example of the subject you are talking about. You can also use it to add some humor or seriousness to your content to get some sort of emotional response. So let’s go over some of the different image types that you can use to help your content hit home.

Infographic – This is simply a graphic that displays information that you are talking about. It is most often in graph format but can come in many different types of styles.

Photo Galleries – These can be used to display examples of services or products that you offer to your customers. This gives your customers a great idea of what they can expect from you and your company.

Memes – Although these are new to the world of media, they are very effective at quickly conveying a point. They often use humor as a way to get across the point they are trying to make.

Custom Graphics – These Graphics are often used to display your company. It is a symbol of you are and what you aim to do. It is often provided as a bold and attractive image that would be something that would draw the attention of customers.

These are some examples of the types of images that can be used to display information in your content. The images can be labeled on the website with what is called metadata. This metadata has been proven to help and improve your SEO value. So next time you have the option, make sure you include some pictures. It could help you reach that next level. If you have any questions about how pictures and graphics can help your company you can contact T22 Media at any time to help you with all of your SEO and Website needs.