How To Build Content Your Customers Want

If you are reading this blog post then there is a good chance that you have just what it takes to create content that your customers will actually want to read. Creating content for a website in today’s market is more than just doing a little research and putting something together. That’s how we did book reports back in the day and to be honest, that just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Today’s customers are more informed, have more choices, and are more likely to value quality over price. That’s a pretty intimidating picture if you are in a marketing position or rolling out a new product. It’s what you are going to face though so you had better be prepared.

Quality Content Is Where To Start

Anyone, and I mean literally anyone who has access to the internet, can pump out blogs like it’s going out of style. That may get you noticed initially but in the long run just getting content out there isn’t enough. It has to be good content. The word free is something that we all love to hear. No one likes to turn down a free offer but what if that offer is not worth your time? You have two free tickets to a concert. That concert is in England and you have to pay for airfare, lodging, and food. Does that deal sound as good to you now that you know everything that is involved. Maybe, maybe not. I’m guessing for most of you, the answer is no. A hard no. Flights to England are Looooooong.

It’s no different when it comes to content. Just because someone has the ability to pump out content like it’s going out of style doesn’t mean it’s of any value to you. You need content that is informative and useful. If you want to know how an airplane flies then an article about the features of an airplane or maybe the different type of airplanes isn’t going to help you. You’ll need an in depth, science based article or blog post that explains why a plane is able to fly in the first place. The consumer is certainly responsible for making sure they read the right content. Here’s the kicker though, you need to know your customers so you can give them the content they are looking for in the first place.

Know Who Your Customers Are

If you write a blog about cooking then there is a pretty good chance that your audience is cooks. Is that it though? What about novice chefs who are just learning? What about Professional Chefs who are looking for the latest trends? What about your Grandma, who just wants a good recipe for snickerdoodles? Is it just one of these people or is it all of them? You may not think it matters but narrowing your audience or broadening your audience can be the best move you will have ever made, or the worst.

If the majority of your readers are professional chefs, they probably don’t need a recipe for Snickerdoodles. They want to know what the latest trends in the industry are and how they can emulate them. This is why it is important to know who your audience is, or I should say who you want it to be. You have the power to control who your audience is by creating content specifically targeted to appeal them.

Find Your Voice And Speak Your Truth

If you know who you want your audience to be then you need to tailor everything you do to cater to their wants and needs. Blogs, Videos, Infographics, and any other type of media that you are creating and putting out there needs to be targeted at them. Not only that, but it has to be something they can use. A brief overview of a topic just doesn’t cut it. I’ll go back to my book report analogy. Your teacher KNEW when you were using Cliff Notes, and your audience knows when you are too.

You want to be valuable to your customer. You need to give them something that they can use in a practical application. What good is information you can’t do anything with? So make sure your content is helpful and useful. Otherwise, what are you even putting it out there for if it isn’t going to help them?

You also want to set yourself apart from the pack. This is where finding your voice comes into play. I’m not talking about the sound that comes out of your mouth. I’m talking about the words and phrases that you use when writing. Your opinion and attitude combined onto the written word. If you love tacos and are passionate about them, then make sure that comes through in your writing. If you hate tacos and you like to make jokes, then do that! Your voice or your company’s voice is so much more than just a collection of words. It’s how you use them that sets you apart from the competition.

If you settle on a voice and you are happy with it then there is one more thing you may have to take into consideration. Not everyone is going to agree with how you do things. In the age of social media, people are able to be as critical as they wish without any consequences. Right or Wrong. It is an uncontrolled environment for the most part. You certainly have moderators and software that prohibits certain things from getting through but not everything. If someone doesn’t like you or your product, they don’t need a valid reason. So you should be prepared for some inevitable criticisms.

In reality, even with criticism, if you are getting quality, Usable content to your customers then you are doing things the right way. It’s an unruly jungle out there at times and your job when providing content is to help them make sense of that craziness. Be a guiding voice that people turn to instead a loud one, that talks too much. Find your voice and help guide your customers with it.