Social Media: Expectations vs. Reality

In this digital age, social media is not only entertaining but a well-rounded tool to promote a product, service, or business that you have. It has everything you need like a place to put text, pictures, polls, and a number of other options. It is very important to manage your expectations properly for this kind of marketing platform.

You may think that you can post whatever you like on social media accounts but the reality is that you have to know your audience. If you are going for a purely professional reputation then maybes posting jokes and memes isn’t the best route. It may get you followers but it may not get you the followers you need.

This brings me to my second point. Many people think that the more followers you have, the more successful your account. This isn’t necessarily true. Having a lot of followers does not translate to more sales, leads, or conversations about your business if you aren’t targeting the right type of audience. Just because you have 1,000 followers doesn’t mean you are making the most out of it.

It is important to think very consciously about what you are posting. We live in a time when there are many different groups of people with different beliefs, lifestyles, and backgrounds. This is yet another reason why it is so important that you know who your audience is so you don’t alienate potential customers or prospects with a thoughtless post.

Finally, Social Media can be a fun tool to use but instead of viewing it that way, you should really consider it a business tool. Make a marketing plan and stick to it. Make points that you want to post about and have the proper images, polls, and other ancillary items ready to go and planned out. You can then use a calendar to schedule these things and hit your audience with a consistent stream of updates, pictures, and other marketing materials.

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