The Tools of The Blog Trade

“Content is King” is a saying we like to use here at T22 Media. That’s because it’s important in so many ways. Whether you use content for product descriptions, Blogging, or general information you always want to make sure and put forth your best possible content in any of these mediums. In order to help you do that I’m going to list some of the most helpful tools, apps, and plug-ins to make sure your content is the best it can be and make your life easier in the process.

  1. Notepad, Sticky Notes, Evernote, Etc. — It’s imperative that you have some way of organizing your thoughts. Laying out something before you start is a technique that is taught as early as 6th grade English, (Maybe even earlier, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in school). These apps usually come installed in your computer or are part of your package if you use Microsoft or Google Suite. They are included for a reason; they are useful. Take advantage and let them help you organize your thoughts before you get started or save quotes or statistics to be used in your writing later.
  2. Grammarly — This is a tool that can make even the most polished writer better. If you are just getting started then this is a MUST-have. I got my start in writing. My degree is in English and I started out freelancing before I moved over to an SEO centered role. Grammarly does exactly what it sounds like it does. It helps you to use proper grammar in all of your writing. You can use it online, as an app, or as a plug-in for Microsoft or Google. You don’t have to use big words and poetic phrases to make your point but people will notice when you make an error in grammar. This often leaves the reader with the feeling that this isn’t really a professional piece. Their confidence in you and your site or blog may be affected by this so make sure to use it.
  3. Readability Score — A lot of novice writers feel the need to use big words to make them sound more educated or to leave an impression. This is not always a bad thing but it is important to know your audience. It is simply not necessary for some industries or products. All too often the best way to take is the most direct route. Plain language and a good explanation go a lot further than a lot of big, fancy words and exposition. Especially in the business world where they want the info, and they want it quick and easy.
  4. — Using words that sounds good make you seem smart. That is until you realize that the fancy word you just threw in there to sound better, doesn’t mean what it thinks you mean. You what though? That’s ok. Just make sure that you are checking the meaning of a word before you thoughtlessly throw it into one of your pieces of content.
  5. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator — When You do a weekly or bi-weekly, or in some cases a daily blog, it can be really hard to think of topics to write about. HubSpot can help you generate ideas for blogs by simply going to their website and typing in a keyword you want to write about. It will then provide some different ideas for how to approach that topic. In a world that can be often overstuffed with information, this can be a great way to come up with something fresh and unique to your readers.

Admittedly, these are not the only tools that are out there for writers. There is an app, website, or plug-in for almost anything you can think of now. These are simply some of the apps that, myself, my co-workers, and friends in the writing community have utilized in order to help them be the best they can be in the world of writing. If you are looking for more tips then you can contact T22 Media based in Grand Rapids, MI. We can help you with your Content so you have the polished, info-based articles and content that you and your customers need.