If You Want Local, You Have To Go Mobile

So you’ve started a business and you think to yourself, “Now I need a website”. Good! You have taken an important step in establishing a major foothold in one of the markets ever-increasing revenue streams; The Internet. A website will help you showcase your goods like products, services, testimonials, videos, and a large variety of options that you can put out there for your customers to see. There’s just one thing that you may be missing. Mobile compatibility.

So what is it and why do you need to know about it? Your website is compatible with desktop and laptop computers but what about tablets or mobile phones? The layout that you have for a desktop won’t translate to a mobile phone, meaning it may not display all the information or maybe nothing at all. You want to make sure that you take the time and investment to get this done. Here is why: According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from a mobile device. That means you are missing half, yes HALF, of all of your opportunities if you aren’t optimized for mobile. 

T22 Media is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. So let’s say I have to leave and go for a conference in Grandville, Michigan, which is about 20 minutes away. The conference is great, but now it’s over and It’s time for lunch. I hop on my phone and search for food near me. My search result will be based on my current location and will show options. I see a burger place but when I click the website I can’t read the menu because the site is not optimized for mobile. So I move on to another burger place I saw in the search results that is just as close. Their site is optimized, I can read the menu, and they have what I want. So that, is where I end up going. Do you see the missed opportunity there? How many of these opportunities are you missing every day? Every hour? It could be a lot. 

As a business owner you know that every little bit helps. This, however, is not a small thing. People use their phones for so much more than they used to in past times. Some companies even go so far as to make an app that is specifically designed to run on mobile phones and give extra features and functionality so that their customers are more engaged, often free of charge to the customer. Why free? It’s because they know they’ll be getting a return on their investment. We’ve already established that more than 50 percent of searches are done on mobile. Well, here’s a stat that will let you know why these companies are confident enough to give away an app for free. Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day. Wow!

Another important part is making sure that your business is listed with Google. If it is an established business it may already be listed in Google’s directory. If it is a new business it may not be and that is a big disadvantage. In either case, you’ll want to double check. Here is a quick “How to” if you need to know if you are listed on Google. 

  • Go to Google My Business.
  • Click “Get on Google”.
  • Enter Your Business Name and Address in the Search Box.
  • Select or Add Your Business. 
  • Click on your business listing if it appears among the suggested matches.
  • Verify Your Business.
  • Confirm your Business.

Consumers are the force that drive what trends we have to use as a business. The use of mobile devices is one that isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, it looks like it may just be the future of how business is done. You can’t afford to waste anymore time when there are so many opportunities waiting for you. If you need help with mobile optimization then contact T22 Media right away. We can help with the changes to your website and so much more. You can click here for more information or you can search for Web Design and SEO near me if you’re in Grand Rapids, MI.