Evergreen Content: Making Relevant Articles and Blogs

The term Evergreen is a common one. It describes a type of tree, usually pine, that is always green no matter what the season. In the harshest winter or the hottest summer it is always there, green and thriving. This is why the term “Evergreen Content” is used. Evergreen Content is going to be an article, blog, or informational content that is always relevant. No matter if it is during a busy time of year or slow, this content will always add value to your website. That is why you need to make sure that you have content like this on your site.

Let me give you some examples of what is Evergreen Content and what is not. We’ll start with what is not considered Evergreen Content.

  • Most statistics – These have a tendency to change rapidly and do not stay the same for a long time.
  • News or Editorials on current events – While certainly important, these types of stories are usually irrelevant after a certain period and users will stop reading the content.
  • Current Popular Trends – Fashion in particular, but other things as well such as new tech, music, and other things that can change.
  • Seasonal Pieces – Everyone loves a certain holiday season but people aren’t going to read an article on Halloween all year long.


Evergreen content should be based on a concept that relates to your business and will retain its value over time. The idea is to have a piece of content that someone can read at any time and get value out of it, no matter what time of year or season it may be. While this may seem like a challenge, there are quite a few ways to engage your audience with Evergreen Content. Here are a few of the styles of content that would work well.

  • How to Tutorials or instructional articles.
  • Factual based information like you would find in a medical journal or encyclopedia
  • Lists like; top 5 reasons to workout, top 10 ways to get ahead at work, etc.
  • Tips on making a task easier for cooking, cleaning, getting ahead at work, etc.
  • Video Mediums – a demonstration video is always useful


The important point is relevancy. When you are trying to create engaging and useful marketing content you need to ask yourself if this will be relevant a month from now, 6 months from now, or even a year from now. If it is not something that will continue to be relevant than it does not mean you should not use the information or disregard it completely. On the contrary, websites need a good mix of media in order to be successful. Who would not want to hear the latest news on what is happening in your chosen industry? You do however want to have a good amount of content that your users can go to or go back to a year after it has been written. This will help your website retain visitors as well as attract new ones.

If you are serious about getting some quality content to add to your website then Evergreen Content is one of the most surefire ways to get people to come to your site. The problem is that because evergreen content is always relevant, it has probably been covered already, maybe too much. Not to poke fun, but there are only so many articles you can read on how to change a tire. Once you get the concept, you get it and there is no reason to continue reading other articles. This is why it is vital that you use two important goals when writing your Evergreen Content.

  1. Put your own spin on it – How to change a tire in 1 minute flat sounds more interesting than just how to change a tire.
  2. Incorporate your Keywords – Keywords are an important part of SEO and making sure your article provides value to your reader while also helping it to rank higher in the Google search results is vital to your business or organization


No matter what industry you are in, there are a multitude of topics that you can write about to always add relevant information to your site. The key is to make it fit your organization’s personal style while meeting a business need like drawing in customers or ranking higher for SEO. Evergreen Content should be a staple of your Digital Marketing campaign. If you have any questions about this topic or any other feel free to contact T22 Media. We are a Grand Rapids, MI based Digital Marketing Media company. We can do a free analysis on your site to help you get on the right track. Check out our list of Blogs here as well.