The Big 3 of SEO

When it comes to most projects or tasks it usually easier to break them down. You can organize a job and separate it into categories so that it doesn’t look as intimidating. This gives you the effect of making it seem more achievable, even though it still consists of the same amount of work. SEO optimization is no different.

When it comes to SEO there are three major branches that you can break it down into to make it easier to prioritize and achieve your goals. You have:

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

So let’s break these down so you can identify what it is and where it belongs.

On Page SEO

In the simplest way I can put it. This is your content. The words and subject matter you use on your website, your blogs, and other readable media matter. There are lots of strategies for “On Page” SEO like keywords, length of content, quality of content, and so on. T22 Media has already gone over this quite a bit in another blog, so I’ll move on to the next area.

Off Page SEO

This sounds a little misleading because some of these things are on the page, but they don’t necessarily deal with your content. Backlinks are a very big factor in “Off Page” SEO. Backlinks are redirects from other websites that lead you to your website. For example, Grand Rapids, Michigan has a website with all of the activities going on in the city. If you are opening a restaurant in East Grand Rapids and you are having a grand opening event, they may put a link to you website for more information on the event. This is called a backlink.

You can also employ a social media campaign to create links to your site as well. There are numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, and I could keep going, but I won’t. Having backlinks through other sites like social media, or online reviews like Amazon creates authority for your site, thus ranking it higher.

Technical SEO

This is the side that most content specialists are unfamiliar with because it involves a lot of website maintenance and software knowledge. Technical SEO is based on the performance of your website. How fast your site is, how secure, and how easy it is to use are some of the main factors. If you have a bunch of broken links, your website takes forever to load, or you keep getting redirected to the wrong place then this does not make for an ideal user experience.

Technical SEO is the process of creating a site that either does not have any of these problems or fixing them on an existing site. Accessibility is a big factor as well. You want to make sure your site is optimized for multiple platforms like computers, tablets, and smartphones. It also includes keeping up to date with the latest tech trends and making sure that you not only set up your website to be easy to use, but that you keep it that way.

As always, T22 Media can help you with any of these aspects. We have Tech Gurus, Social Media Wordsmiths, Content Specialist, and a team of researchers that can help make your site the best around and make sure it stays that way. Contact us at any time for a free digital analysis of your website to confirm it is up to the standards required to be a top site.