Your Digital Marketing Niche: Separating From The Pack

As a business owner, you know you have a lot of work to do. You wear several hats in running your business, and you’re solely responsible for the drive and direction of your marketing plan. Today, let’s think about that marketing process and talk about the importance of finding your niche. When you have something to offer that no one else can, your business strategy becomes much more defined and relevant to your business.

What Do We Mean By Niche?

Take a hard look at your industry. Analyze the competitors in your space and identify their strengths and weaknesses in the overall market. In too many cases a business will try to emulate its biggest competitor. Instead we suggest you focus on what you do best, or your niche. In selecting a niche, we don’t mean to abandon your direction. Instead, we suggest, drill down to a specific area of your business offering that you can position yourself as an expert. Don’t try to compete with your competitors’ strengths first. Focus on what they don’t, and make that your flagship specialty. You’ll find you can gain ground overall, by separating yourself from the pack early on in with this form of marketing effort.

Why Is Having A Niche Important?

Being a generalist or offering all things to all customers can exhaust you quickly. You’ll also find that by trying to service everything, you’ll meet competition at every turn. Instead, consider putting all your eggs in a niche basket, lead with your best foot forward and give 100% in a targeted area first. Once you dominate your niche space and focus on satisfying those customers, you will find additional successes will come in the other areas.

How Do You Structure Your Marketing To Compliment Your Niche?

Once you’ve identified your niche, structure your marketing to drive the message and brand to position your business as an expert in that niche. You can focus all of your digital marketing efforts on this niche to get the word out and firmly root yourself as an expert.  Identify who the target prospect is in your niche and develop your marketing efforts specifically to address those prospects. Every post, every piece of content, and every client engagement point should be consistent in promoting your niche space. As you gain momentum and experience success, you can slowly add in the additional values you can provide.

Finding your niche and launching from an area of expertise can be your most significant first step in business. One of the most vital components of this strategy is to make sure you have a solid and unified theme in you marketing strategy. Digital marketing like blog posts, social media marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can all be tailored to send a message of expertise in your field of business. If you need help with navigating your industry, finding your niche, market research, and structuring your marketing strategy accordingly, contact us today! Time is a valuable commodity in this digital age of business.