SEO: Why Do I Need A Blog Anyway?

It’s a fair question. What good does a Blog do for your business? You may not be the type to see value in this kind of thing and that is fine, but your customers probably do. More than you know. Gone are the days of window shopping, going for a test drive, or asking the salesperson for their opinion. It still happens, and I don’t want to devalue any of those jobs because I have done them in the past. The reality is though that most people don’t shop like that anymore. 

When you look at the success of companies like Amazon, Google, and Walmart who have a strong or complete online presence, it’s hard to argue how valuable an online presence is in this day and age. That is why doing anything and everything you can to gain an online presence should be one of, i not your top, business goal. 

There are a lot of different factors that go into what makes a company successful online. Web design, content, SEO strategy, SEM strategy, SERP, and plenty of other boring, but important acronyms. How do any of these things position you as an expert at what you are doing or selling? Does a good looking website mean that you are the best? No. Does well written content mean you are the best? Not necessarily. Does a quick tweet or post on social media mean you know it all? Nuh uh. What makes you an expert is… proving it. 

Teachers don’t become good at their job as soon as they hit the classroom. Electricians aren’t the best right after they finish an apprenticeship. What makes you an expert in knowledge plus experience. A blog post is exactly how you can showcase that. You can give information through your combination of knowledge and experience that visitors to your site will find valuable. They might even share it with their network of friends or peers. 

You can’t teach someone to bake a cake in a tweet but you can in a blog post. There is no limit to the amount of information you can include in it so it gives you an opportunity to expand on subjects that social media may not allow. You can include the ingredients for your recipe, preparations, utensils and kitchen appliances needed, and any easy solutions you have found for directions. You can even throw in some family secrets or life hacks that you have learned along the way. THIS is the kind of thing that positions you as an expert in your field. THIS is why you need a blog. 

You may run a coffee shop, or a bakery, or a cell phone repair store. You are probably based out of a brick and mortar building and rely on customers coming to you to make money. That’s awesome, somethings just can’t be duplicated as well online. Ordering groceries online hasn’t been a big hit because people just simply don’t trust another person to pick their food. We need stores to go to for when this type of situation arises. I can order a cupcake online, but I’d rather have a fresh one. So when I search online for a cupcake place near me, will I go to the one with the best looking website? Will I go the one that has good reviews? Will I go to the one that is closest? Maybe. I might also go to the one that has a blog that tells me about their 100 year old family baking tradition that also has good reviews, is close, and has a great website. 

The truth is that just having a blog isn’t going to skyrocket your numbers. It is not a fix all for any problems you may have with getting business. It does however give you an edge that your competition may not have. It might give you more web traffic, it might rank your website a little higher in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), or it might just be good reading for people interested in what you do. It could be that one extra person, that one extra sale you need to put you where you want to be. A blog could be the difference between making a living or making a life. If you have the opportunity to do one then I only have one question. Why wouldn’t you? Why do you think T22 Media Does it?

Tell us more about what you do and we’ll tell you how we can help.