Putting It All Together: Web Development, SEO, Graphic Design, Expertise

We know that finding your niche market is important. You definitely want to bring something to the table that not every other company offers. There is also a strong case for putting together a well-rounded team so that you can still offer all the services that a customer may be looking for in website enhancement. The key is to find team members that can add to your offering. When it comes to most business transactions most people want to have their “go-to guy”. That is what we offer here at T22 Media. We have a carefully selected team that we work with either as full time employees, part-time, or contract based. This allows us to offer multiple services without sacrificing the quality or “niche” aspect of our business packages.

The rise in online marketing has created a boom in businesses that aim to help you improve your website. Almost anyone I talk to knows of a company that does web builds, marketing, SEO, SEM, Graphic Design, or any other number of services that are required to have a successful website. How many of those companies that you know of do all of it? Not many. 

It’s a rare thing to find talented web developers, graphic designers, Writers, and Sales people, let alone package them all into one company. That is why we feel fortunate to have a dedicated team of all the above. We can handle all of your website needs from top to bottom. We can work with you to help develop the design and feel of your website. If you need info or e-commerce, we can do that. If you need to improve your search rankings so your website is appearing at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), we can do that. If you need a writer to help engage your customers, we have you covered. 

Referrals are something happen all the time. “I know a guy” or “I worked with so and so” but how often can you say “I have a guy that takes care of all of it”? Not often. Let us be that company. Let us be “your go-to guy”. We hope someone tells you about us because we may just be the best referral you will ever get. If you are looking for more information, then contact us today. Better yet, share us with a friend.